Meet Kamela

No matter where life takes me, I'm all in for helping people out! Professionally, I work hard to find the best insurance solutions for my clients. I enjoy the challenge of finding a more affordable rate or a policy that suits their needs better.

I've been a part of the insurance industry since 1996, and a key aspect I wish to convey to my clients is how insurance companies manage the monthly premiums you pay. It's important to realize that these premiums are not kept for an individual policyholder but are distributed among all clients on a larger scale.

On a personal level, my commitment to helping others extends to volunteer work and charitable contributions.

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Phone Number: (859) 447-9935
Cell Phone Number: (513) 213-9813
Email Address: Kamela.Klopp@homeservices-ins.com

What Kamela's clients are saying...

"We like the customer service from our agent, Kamela. We appreciate the continued updates."
- Tina M. & Bruce A.

"I like how thorough Kamela is.  She works very hard to let me know what the best price and the best product is."
- Bruce S.